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Nour Candle

Fragrances of vanilla and gardenia

Fragrances of vanilla and gardenia

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An elegant box with a carefully selected combination of two of our best-selling and requested scents

White flannel

Gardenia in green

We very carefully select our essential oil scents

The degree of compatibility of the two scents with each other

The box contains 30 scented tablets of the four shapes shown in the pictures

All our candles are handmade by a well-trained team

In addition, our candles are distinguished by unique designs that require time because we design them by piece so that you get unparalleled pieces that distinguish your distributions.

Therefore, please, when ordering, take into account leaving at least a week to complete your order and schedule it among our other orders.

You can write the delivery date for your occasion in the comments box when placing the order

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding

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